Delighting in Disappointment

I don’t know what I expected from a man so hallow inside From the moment we first kissed I could taste the looming bite of a bitter goodbye It’ll never work And that’s what keeps drawing me back I always seem to want what I can’t have A strange sort of sickness Full of equal […]

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Toppled (5/16/17)

I feel so silly getting hung up on past lovers. People change. Some don’t believe that, but it’s true. Shit happens and no one is safe from life’s domino effect. Knowing this helps the pain of a heartbreak cease eventually. There’s almost a comfort in seeing the change in who they are, in who you […]

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“The world is a dark and ugly and coincidental and all that jazz It’ll poison you, attack you, fight you- but you’ll fight back because you’re a survivor You’ll fight and win without even trying because that’s how strong you are You’ll only become stronger Like the moon, you control the world, pulling the tides […]

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Sweet Pea

Fear not, sweet pea. Your time will come again. When the cold wave has passed, Your wounds will surely mend. Darkness may surround you, But don’t let it win. Beneath all that dirt, A new start waits to begin. ~~~ Hang in there, sweet pea. It’s almost your time. Lay your roots back down, Prepare […]

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