Sweet Pea

Fear not, sweet pea. Your time will come again. When the cold wave has passed, Your wounds will surely mend. Darkness may surround you, But don’t let it win. Beneath all that dirt, A new start waits to begin. ~~~ Hang in there, sweet pea. It’s almost your time. Lay your roots back down, Prepare […]

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Eraser Shavings (8/3/15)

I’ve made a mistake Unlike the lead to this page As I write these words It can’t be erased. Oh, how I wish I could undo the past So that maybe, just maybe Our “us” could last. But I can’t. So here we are, yet again And now Its starting to feel like the beginning […]

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Rooted (7/14/15)

If I’m the Earth Then you’re the tree That sunk it’s roots Deep inside of me As time went on We grew together Every day from dusk till dawn Thinking this would last forever You gave me purpose And I gave you life A give and take No doubts in sight Then another came And […]

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Shadowed (7/6/15)

Being with you is like a midnight drive When the lights start to blink in time with your eyes As their deep blue gaze meets mine Stirring my blood again until I feel alive ~~~ But how much longer do I have until the sun rises and you see I am but a mere shadow […]

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Our Story (7/6/15)

This farewell is not forever Just the ending to a chapter In our story to tell Because a piece of me will always be yours And I trust you’ll take care of it As you always have before But until the wounds from our past Mend themselves back to health This love can never truly […]

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Drugged (12/1/14)

I’m hopelessly hooked I never wanted it before It wasn’t something I sought Or even hoped for But now I’ve tasted it And felt it’s warming touch It’s filled me to the brim With a bliss that can’t be trumped Yet, it’s gone Taken away By the very same person Who first sent it my […]

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